Coursework is an integral part of learning. However, when it comes to defining the term, it may seem a little vague and confusing because coursework goes beyond one type of assignment you get as a student. Coursework can mean a broad variety of activities.  It may include any assignment(s) given by a teacher or instructor to his or her students to complete within a certain period of time. Coursework may consist in completing practical assignments, conducting research and/or analysis, carrying out experiments, writing reports, articles, reviews or any other papers to present the results of the coursework. This peculiarity of coursework makes it rather difficult to define in terms of the requirements and formatting expected of the work to be submitted. This is conditioned by the fact that all the types of activities mentioned above have each different requirements and formatting guidelines. What is more, what makes coursework probably the most difficult part of the academic performance is that each of the activities coursework may comprise needs you to have a specific, and often quite different, set of skills and knowledge to succeed in it.

As far as evaluation is concerned, coursework is always graded. Moreover, the grade received for the coursework usually constitutes a significant portion of the final overall grade a student gets for the course, in which aspect coursework is similar to an examination. Unlike an exam though, coursework, as a rule, allows students to refer to materials and resources they may think necessary to successfully complete the task, the time given for its completion is much more extended, and the process of actually doing the task is not supervised or anyhow controlled by the teacher or instructor.


Coursework, as an academic activity and an assessment tool, is initially supposed to:

  • broaden the student’s theoretical knowledge in a particular field of his or her specialization,
  • sharpen the student’s skills needed to conduct research and analysis,
  • boost the student’s ability to engage in effective communication on the topic of his or her studies by presenting the results obtained in a consistent, well-grounded and appropriate manner.

Another important aspect of coursework definition is addressing plagiarism. Whatever the activities expected of you within the coursework you are assigned with, you are expected to produce entirely new and 100% original solutions and results. Copying materials and/or ideas that do not belong to you, and that were not obtained through your individual contribution to the study of the topic or problem is more than likely to have you disqualified, or even expelled.

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